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The Idea Boutique is adept at creative and award-winning design. In fact, it's one of the things we do best. From resorts on white-sand beaches to the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie releases, our designers and web developers are never left wanting when it comes to flashy and glamorous material to work with. While these projects often garner the most attention in our portfolio, our work in the scientific and industrial sectors shouldn't be overlooked.

StrongBack is a product of NIXUS International Corporation. NIXUS specializes in providing engineering products and support to the petrochemical industry. NIXUS works with the largest oil and natural gas producers to ensure that their equipment, storage, and transport systems are well maintained and safe. They've provided cathodic protection, pipeline repair and reinforcement, and corrosion and abrasion control products to customers throughout the world for more than 30 years.

NIXUS StrongBack

StrongBack is, in layman's terms, a bandage for corroded, cracked, pitted, or otherwise compromised pipes. Over time, the effects of corrosion and abrasion can weaken a pipeline’s steel walls. StrongBack is a system consisting of epoxies and resin-impregnated tape that is simple to install, incredibly strong, and extremely tolerant of a wide range of adverse environmental conditions. Because it is activated by water, installing a StrongBack repair on an undersea pipeline requires no special diver's habitat. Structurally, StrongBack transfers load forces from the defective pipe wall to the composite wrap, returning full strength and performance to the pipe. A strong, properly maintained pipeline is a safe pipeline: safe for the people living and working near it and safe for the environment.

Last year, NIXUS asked The Idea Boutique to create an organized, attractive, and properly search engine-optimized (SEO) website that provides customers with the information they need to decide if StrongBack is the best solution for their project, and, if so, to call the customer to action by way of contacting NIXUS to begin the sales process. Because customers have several competing approaches and products to choose from, effective marketing is necessary to set StrongBack apart from and above its competitors.

The Idea Boutique created a website that is informative where it needs to be and visually interesting throughout. The site is also optimized for the most valuable industry keywords and is designed to display well on the smaller computer screens common in many of the developing nations in which NIXUS often does business.

NIXUS StrongBack Website

The lion's share of the effort, however, lay in rapidly acquiring a solid understanding of the industry, the product, and its application. I jumped at the opportunity. By researching the industry and product in-depth, I was able to organize the information, write new copy to populate the site, optimize the new content for search engine rank, and design and build the website.

StrongBack is my idea of the perfect project: a technical niche product in a heavy industry. I'm a Yankee from a steel town and I suppose there's something comfortable and familiar to me in these types of projects. Ultimately, my job is to sell StrongBack. To do that, I have to know it and understand it. That's where the real challenge comes and the ultimate value to the client—to truly, and enthusiastically, understand what they make, how it works, and to whom they sell it.

The StrongBack website launched in December 2013 and is now generating valuable worldwide awareness, with the bulk of its traffic originating in the key oil-producing countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America.

Visit to learn more.

The Idea Boutique is adept at creating beautiful and effective marketing for niche products and services in the scientific, technological, and industrial sectors. Contact us today and learn how we can transform your technical or industrial products and services into successful brands.

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