Facebook Likes = Real-Life Brand Endorsement

As of January 1, 2014, Facebook had 1.3 billion users. Yes, you read correctly: billion.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends and logs into his or her account daily. They spend an average of 18 minutes per logged-in session.

Facebook is a marketer’s dream. The social network’s users freely provide advertisers with a previously unimaginable level of intimate detail about their demographics and lifestyles. The ability to connect with customers and—even more importantly—potential customers on Facebook, and to narrowly focus on demographic segments, is unrivaled by any other media.

It’s no wonder that Facebook is on the agenda of nearly every new client we see at Cornerstone Marketing and Advertising, and the question that they most often ask is universal:

“How do we get more fans?”


Facebook Likes Keyboard


Facebook “Likes,” a.k.a. fans, are an extremely visible barometer of a brand’s reputation and approval among consumers. They represent a tacit endorsement of the brand, product, or service. Consumers naturally infer that a high number of Likes means that the product or service being offered is desirable and represents good value for their money. From the fan’s perspective, the Like that they bestow (or choose not to bestow) represents their voice, or vote, for or against the brand. It is also testimony of their desire for or satisfaction with the brand.

Facebook Likes can grow exponentially. The more Likes a brand receives, the more they will continue to receive. When someone Likes a page, the activity is broadcast to that fan’s news feed, where his or her friends see it and may choose to follow with their own Like.

While most brands recognize the importance of a presence on Facebook, many struggle to mobilize their real-world consumer support and convert it into Facebook Likes. Out of frustration and lured by the appeal of shortcutting the fan-building process, some brands fall prey to the myriad of fan-building services, which typically promise to deliver X number of fans in exchange for X amount of dollars.

Don’t fake it.

The worst of these services use fake user profiles to Like the brand’s page—or real users in third world countries who are paid a minimal sum per Like. Soon after, the brand’s page often becomes the target of post spam from these fans (such as a for-hire service available from the same vendor). Fake fans such as these provide the brand with no real value or equity; they are not eligible consumers. Sometimes, Facebook may even discover the ruse and punish the brand by deleting all of their Likes (they will not attempt to discern which Likes are fraudulent and which are real), or by deleting their brand’s page completely. Purchasing Likes is risky business.

Let us help.

The Idea Boutique has extensive experience in brand cultivation within the Facebook network. We create honest and ethical fan-building strategies that result in the rapid acquisition of real fans. From 2012 to 2013, we cultivated more than a quarter million new Likes for our clients:

The Idea Boutique Client Facebook Like Acquisitons

Contact The Idea Boutique today and learn how we can help your brand achieve this level of social endorsement and success.

Visit some of our clients’ pages to see our strategies in action:

The Grand Theatre

Amstar Cinemas

Resort Collection

Mexico Beach Community Development Council

Newman-Dailey Resort Properties

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