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Destin Jewlers Interior

For over twelve years, The Idea Boutique has fostered a creative partnership with Destin Jewelers, one of the Emerald Coast’s favorite destinations for designer jewelry and accessories. As we enter a new year, we are proud to continue working with such unique clients and to keep bringing new ideas to the table, helping maintain their established brand identities.

When Destin Jewelers moved to its current location in Miramar Beach, Florida, in 2007, The Idea Boutique came on board to help create a space that would highlight the charm and whimsy exhibited in the company’s products and staff. Owner Lisa Peters and The Idea Boutique’s owner and resident architect of Burwell Associates, Inc., Jerry Burwell, along with Cari DeGregorio of the Central Idea Agency, worked closely on designing the interior of the store, and much of the original vision is still inspiring visitors to come in, relax, and stay awhile.

Underneath a crystal chandelier sits an inviting plush banquette topped with the cutest fairy-tale frog you ever saw—his name Prince Charming and he’s one of Peters’ “good luck charms” found throughout the store. The others are her ragdoll cats, Louie and Lola, and Gracie Lee, the adorable chocolate Lab. All three love hanging out in the store and greeting guests as they browse a beautiful collection of jewelry and accessories that is constantly evolving with the latest styles, but always with timeless sophistication and charm. This was the feeling we wanted to highlight when creating the following commercial spot for Destin Jewelers:

As you walk into Destin Jewelers, a mix of friendly faces, furry friends, and fantastic fashions is sure to draw you out of your shell and into a land of fun and enchantment. The pink-and-yellow harlequin pattern found on the wall behind the counter and on the store’s packaging—and is mirrored on their recently refreshed website—has evolved over the years from The Idea Boutique’s original design, reminding shoppers that coming to Destin Jewelers means having a great time while searching for something special. Whether seeking an engagement ring, a gift, or just something pretty for you, Destin Jewelers believes each shopping experience should be magical and enjoyable. Jewelry is all about celebrations—achievements, love, and friendship… No matter what you're searching for, the dedicated staff and elegant-yet-whimsical atmosphere at Destin Jewelers can help you find your Happily Ever After.

Visit to learn more or read the article in VIE magazine's 2013 Music Issue (page 130).


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