Behind the Scenes: A Mexico Beach Wedding

A beachy kind of love...

We always seem to have the best clients (and we know we are really lucky!) with exciting and creative work to do at The Idea Boutique. Mexico Beach's latest television commercial and photo shoot was no exception. It was one of our largest video productions to date, with a romantic storyline, fantastic models, and the beautiful beach playing backdrop for video producer Ben Rosenau, photographer Romona Robbins, and their teams.

Lauren and Bo Spring—our fictitious newlyweds who have actually been married for years—penned and recorded an original song to accompany the video, telling a Mexico Beach love story in this magical production, “Love Notes.”


We hope you also enjoy some behind-the-scenes snaps from the shoot and some inside looks at how it all came together!

Special Thanks:

Mexico Beach Community Development Council, Jack Mullen – officiant, Romona Robbins Photography, Panache Tent + Event, The Fuss Boutique, Brooke Miller – Hairstylist, Yvette Nation – Makeup, Tim Dutrow and Derek Makekau – videographers, Shauna Olson – assistant photographer, Driftwood Inn - dove release

Models: Lauren Spring, Bo Spring, Farrah Spring, Fin Spring, Brooke Miller, Tracey Thomas, Jordan Staggs, Cookie Brown, Larry “Ike” Eisenhower, Craig Williams, Camilo Giraldo, Tyler Goodson, Troy Ruprecht, Jerry Burwell, Jack Mullen

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