8 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

All graphic designers at one point or another will get caught up in a sticky situation. In the hopes that this will prevent such situations, here are eight common design mistakes to avoid:

What Is Connemara Life?

In this video, Shane O. explores some of western Ireland's most scenic destinations, including the Connemara National Park, Kylemore Abbey, and Paddy Coyne’s pub in charming Tullycross. He gets the inside scoop from locals detailing exactly what they love about their home and what Connemara Life truly means to them.

8 Photography Trends to Try this Summer

Heating up with summer, here are eight photography trends we love right now and anticipate will continue to pick up momentum.

Edward Forbes and The World’s Rarest Colors

Well before Pantone Color Guides, Edward Forbes cataloged 2,500 of the world’s rarest colors.

10 Commandments of Adobe Suites to Follow

Organize your design and increase productivity by following these 10 rules when working in Adobe Suites.

A Guide to Social Media

With all the social media outlets available to brand ambassadors, it can get overwhelming trying to manage everything; but if you know how to properly use these (often free) tools to your advantage, they’re great! Here’s a short breakdown of some Social Media Platforms and Terminologies and how to use them in your branding strategies.

An Unforgettable Commercial Shoot on The Unforgettable Coast!

Last year, we helped our clients at the Mexico Beach Community Development Council update their brand with a vibrant new look and website (enter in Mexico Beach’s website)! This year, get ready to revisit the charming little beach town and explore with us in an upcoming commercial photo shoot!

Tips on Creating Engaging Blog Posts

In the blogging world, being a great writer with excellent grammar doesn’t mean you’ve hit a home run when it comes to captivating a reader’s attention. Here are our tips on how to write an engaging blog post!

Meet & Greet at our Ireland Office

We’re getting personal with a meet and greet in our Clifden, Ireland office!

Cut Procrastination Out Of Your Life

We’ve all struggled with this feeling known as procrastination. Here are some tips on how to break free of that annoying habit that could be pulling you back from doing your best: