Performance Matters

We are keenly aware that our success hinges upon yours. This awareness is most evident in our focus on measurable performance. Creative brilliance—and we have it in spades—is nothing more than window dressing if it doesn't generate revenue. We never forget this simple truth. What we do best is to quickly identify the approaches and methodologies that perform best for you and to quickly abandon those that don't. This ability is critical to the outcome of any marketing strategy.


Marketing Strategy

We are, first and foremost, strategists. Our true expertise lies in our understanding of the big picture. We will create a complete and holistic marketing strategy, based on in-depth research into the desired market space, customer demographics, and competitors.


We call ourselves "The Idea Boutique" for good reason. As problem solvers, we love nothing more than to provide our clients with creative ideas and innovative solutions to their specific marketing challenges.

Branding & Design

Award-winning creative is our passion, and this is evidenced in everything we do. From concept to production, simple, effective, and beautiful design permeates everything we create.

Web Development

We are a full-service web development, integration, content creation, and hosting company offering progressive, full-cycle, end-to-end web solutions. Your business strategy probably wasn't developed from a one-size-fits-all template, and your web presence shouldn’t be either.

Public Relations

Few marketing disciplines have been so dramatically affected by the online revolution as has public relations. While the web has made it easy to rapidly craft and deploy press releases, it has created a situation where it is more difficult than ever to be heard. Knowing how to navigate both print and online press opportunities are essential in promoting your message.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is word-of-mouth advertising—on steroids! It represents one of the greatest low-cost/high-yield marketing opportunities available. That said, social marketing is not for the feint of heart, and a poorly conceived and executed social marketing plan can actually do substantial damage to your brand's image and reputation.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing presents very unique challenges, and draws on a range of skills: market research, copywriting, visual design, web design, and an in-depth knowledge of best practices, procedures, and legal liabilities. Management of your organization’s e-mail marketing program should never be assigned as a collateral duty; there are serious consequences to getting it wrong. With great risk, however, come great rewards.

Online Advertising

John Wanamaker, the father of modern marketing, said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half." Those days are over. Online advertising, particularly pay-per-click, delivers extremely quantifiable results, and an easily determined ROI.

Video & Broadcast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. There is no faster or more effective way to capture your audience's attention, and deliver your call to action, than with video.


From the finest artistically bound books to paperless digital publication and distribution, The Idea Boutique provides comprehensive publishing services to authors and organizations. We deliver a complete publishing experience, from initial review of your manuscript through retail distribution.