The Latest Word

The Idea Boutique Aims High for the 2014 Panama City Beach Seafood & Music Festival

The 2013 event showcased premier national music acts and locally harvested seafood prepared by the best local chefs and restaurants. It would be a weekend-long event complete with a fishing tournament, 5K road race, and family-friendly activities. Festival organizers hoped to develop a well-established, major annual event that will draw large numbers of attendees from both the immediate area and the feeder markets serving Panama City Beach, and now have turned to The Idea Boutique to help do it again this year.

Home for the Summer

The last time I was in Ireland was seven years ago in 2007. My grandparents took me over for a whirlwind two-week trip to our ancestral home. Returning on my own has given me the chance to visit to those places so important to Mimi and Papa, allowing me to understand and cultivate a deep love for the Connemara area while helping to set up The Idea Boutique's new office.

VIE Magazine Gives Back – The Animal Issue

With features on everything from big cats to horses to parrots and much more, we think our readers will get a special experience from this upcoming issue, and we want to share that special joy that comes from animals by giving back 10 percent of ad revenue for this issue to an organization that loves them—Alaqua Animal Refuge.

VIE Magazine – 2014 Home and Garden Issue

The Idea Boutique is proud to present the 2014 Home and Garden issue of VIE magazine! Take a peek at what's inside.

I Love Destin [Design]

The brand “I Love Destin,” in the context of a sticker, plays on an individual’s desire to align themselves with the people, places, activities, and things that they feel define them. Where one chooses to vacation is one of these defining choices. “Bragging rights” is also a factor that comes into play, and a bumper sticker provides an easy way to do this.

The Idea Boutique Goes Green with NIXUS GreenZyme®

Hot on the heels of creating the StrongBack® website for NIXUS International, The Idea Boutique has designed, developed and launched a site for NIXUS GreenZyme, While we think all of our clients, both past and present, are amazing, GreenZyme is something in league all its own.

Emerald Isle Here We Come!

The Idea Boutique is expanding its horizons with a satellite office located in Clifden, Ireland in County Galway this summer, keeping our Grayton Beach, Florida, office as headquarters. We look forward to sharing more news with you all on this exciting endeavor!

VIE Magazine's 2014 Wedding Issue

Take a peek inside for some beautiful real wedding stories, fashion, photography, places to tie the knot, and more! Plus—Go behind the scenes of the making of the new cover in this exclusive video.

Facebook Likes = Real-Life Brand Endorsement

Facebook is a marketer’s dream. The social network’s users freely provide advertisers with a previously unimaginable level of intimate detail about their demographics and lifestyles. The ability to connect with customers and—even more importantly—potential customers on Facebook, and to narrowly focus on demographic segments, is unrivaled by any other media. It's no wonder that Facebook is on the agenda of nearly every new client we see at Cornerstone Marketing and Advertising, and the question that they most often ask is universal: "How do we get more fans?"

NIXUS StrongBack: Style AND Substance

The Idea Boutique is adept at creative and award-winning design. In fact, it's one of the things we do best. From resorts on white-sand beaches to the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie releases, our designers and web developers are never left wanting when it comes to flashy and glamorous material to work with. While these projects often garner the most attention in our portfolio, our work in the scientific and industrial sectors shouldn't be overlooked.